How Excessive Use of Mobile Phone is Disconnecting Your Relationship

Most of us will agree that we feel neglected when our partner is on their phone. The quality time which should be spend together get disrupted by texts, emails, or games. We all will have to think that how technology intruded on our romantic relationship. It is becoming the story of masses.

A new study from Brigham Young University examined how technology interferes with relationships. The researchers also concluded that "technoference" can be damaging not just to a relationship but also psychological health as well.

In general, sex, money and kids were used to be the matter of discussion between couples but now it seems that smartphones are rapidly rising up that list. The study were conducted on 143 married or cohabiting women and most of them reported that phones, computers and other technology devices were significantly disruptive in their relationship, couplehood and family lives. The more was the techoference the greater was the level of conflict and lower relationship satisfaction. The story does not stops here it is also making people depressed and lowers the level of overall life satisfaction. It can be a matter of surprise for us that this study is supporting the fact that the excess use of mobilephone is not making only the user depressed it is also making the partner of the user depressed.

If we think minutely we will have to think that why a person's phone use (primary cause of technoference) have such an impact on the mental health of their partner? We take an example from our daily lives, at the time driving most of us also argue about directions, speeding, music choice etc. but they generally do not lead to the person in the passenger seat getting depressed.

So what about phones? The answer is that if your partner constantly attend the phone instead of you, it gives another person a sense of rejection--it hurts. Whenever our quality time disrupts it leads us towards many questions like "what I am doing on my phone is more important than you right now," or "I am more interested in phone than you," or, in some cases, "you are not worthy of my attention."

All such neglect, rejections and small psychological wounds help and increase conflict and lower interdependent relationship, overall satisfaction leading to increase the symptoms of depression.