We Waste Time on Internet for Escaping the Reality of Life

Each moment of your life presents you with an opportunity of either living or dying. If you are living your life to the fullest, you will be rewarded with energy and enthusiasm in return. If you decide not to live out the precious moments of your life, it will lead you towards many destructive activities. Internet is the most easily accessible tool which provides unlimited options for the same.

Just focus on the general queries of the people on Internet. They are searching for the answers of vague questions like "Who is bigger?" "Who is richer?" "Who has more?"... What is this? It is self-comparison that we do unmindful of its consequences. We have almost forgotten the art of enjoying life without comparing it with others. As you know all the despair and frustrations of our life are due to this act of comparison.

People use social media to boost their ego by reflecting oneself in a false image outwardly. Such activities on the internet are drawing attention to unnecessary details and paving the way for us to escape the reality of our lives. There is only two options to lead a life: you can either be conscious and simplify your life or you may complicate it with the things which are unimportant.

A man may have a home, possessions, a charming family, and yet find all these things turning ashy to his taste because of comparisons with the marathon race of fellow runners. It might not be the case that he does not possess enough for his wants but he'd think that others possess more. It is only the "Dil Maange More" that haunts him and that minimizes his real achievements. And Internet is playing the role of a service provider and becoming the epidemic like Cancer eating away the serenity of life.

The serenity of life can be achieved only accepting the reality of life and taking the necessary steps to make it better. Without real contributions and achievements in our life, we will only kill the important fabric of life i.e. time. When we start to harness our creative energies to goals according to our mature and informed choice we can be happy and can spread happiness.