What is Internet Addiction

We are living at the apex of human development. In all these developments, science played major role. Internet is also the most enchanting invention of science. No need to tell the facilities provided by Internet. Most of us know it, use it, enjoy it and feel ourselves engaged in the unending entertaining pursuits of Internet. Here, we should keep in mind that when we use scientific inventions for the betterment of ourselves and society, it leads to creation. Rest all other activities are the emblem of destruction.

Due to easy and cheap access to Internet, we are devoting our most valuable time doing TIMEPASS on the Internet. Our reach on Internet is wide and we are able to see whatever we want. Such activities are leading us towards a state of addiction.

Addiction is not a new word for you but time has come to take note about the Internet Addiction. Take an example of your life. After getting up in the morning what do you do first? Just take a note you can be a better judge for yourself. Most of us check our mobiles wasting the most precious time of morning. Morning time is precious as it is the time of rejuvenating ourselves by some physical, mental, religious and spiritual activities.

Now the question comes in our mind that what we are searching on Internet? We are searching the moments of happiness as a happy and contented life is the eternal quest of mankind. What is the goal of all ambitions, all endeavours, all hopes and plans for human life, it is happiness. With the enchanting activities of Internet we are trying to fill the void of unhappiness in human life.

Defining happiness is a herculean task since time immemorial. Some might say it is Health, or Money, or Friends, or this or that possessions, but you may have all these things and not be happy. You may have fame or power, and not be happy. So where the secret of happiness lies, it lies in work, congenial work, something to do. If we are not able to do some congenial work, some occupation in which we can put our heart and which affords a complete outlet to all the forces there are in us, we will not be happy from within.

Here Joseph Addison said a remarkable line "The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for." So the sole ambition of writing this contemporary book TIMEPASS is an effort to make you aware about the void of a teenager's life which is created by "INTERNET ADDICTION" a new but a dangerous phenomenon.