Behind the Book "Timepass- Story of Internet Addiction"

"Imagine with all your Mind, Believe with all your Heart and
Achieve with all your Might."



Well, the Inspiration, quite a tough question to answer, when it comes before me about my first novel.


I always wanted to tell stories but only fresh & original, the one which has never been told. The desire for such uniqueness kept the writer inside me in waiting for years. I got my first unique idea in 2009 but somehow couldn't complete it, the Universe assigned the task to someone else (later adapted in a Bollywood movie).

Eureka Moment

I again started asking for the new idea from the Universe every day. In 2014, my request was ultimately accepted and I got a second chance. It was midnight (12 a), when the idea " Story of a Boy who is an Internet Addict" stricken my mind at the time of conversing with my friend. I yelled with joy as finding a work as per your choice is the key ingredient of a fulfilling life.


It was tough for me beyond imagination as I wanted it as a culmination of a lifetime's ambition. The topic was new but on the other hand internet addiction affects everyone (including me) so It was quite challenging for me to write on such an intense, burning and fragile topic while maintaining the honesty, flow & freshness in the story. In addition, I had no reference point for the story as the topic was never been explored in fiction novels.

Writing Process

I followed my intuition and started writing. Drafts after drafts, suggestions from friends, support & faith in the story kept me moving for 3 years. I fumbled lot of time. Thoughts also came in mind to abandon the novel but the importance and need of creating an awareness about this topic for the current generation pushed me to write. It was a challenging as well as the rewarding time for me. Finally I am getting immense pleasure as the time came to tell you the secret story of TIMEPASS.


I thank God for choosing me as the medium for the telling this wonderful story to the whole world. My sincere hope is that you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed preparing it with the Divine intervention.