About Amit

Amit Joshi, a Graphic Designer by profession, is the Founder of Cromatik, a design company. His enormous experience of eighteen years in the field of design and photography helps his clients sell their products at a faster pace. While his clients knows him a designer with a great aesthetic sense, his friends and near ones consider him a jolly and helpful human being. He is a commerce graduate and lives with his wife, Sonia, and son, Aagman, in New Delhi. Amit is fond of reading comic books and novels since his childhood. A story which is not only original but could touch the invisible threads of human emotions: writing such a story was always his dream. TIMEPASS is the first book of that dream project which puts readers face to face with the truth behind the internet. A truth that, perhaps, itself lies in their subconscious.


My email is write@authoramit.com
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Timepass: www.authoramit.com/Timepass
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